This long, cold winter had many homeowners realizing that the time had come to replace windows throughout their home. Developments in glass technology over the past several years have improved the overall performance of windows; most window manufacturers use Cardinal Glass, and offer several Low-E coatings and warm edge-spacer technology along with Argon gas as an additional layer of insulation. 20-year glass warranties are now commonplace, and window frames are a very low-maintenance product.

When the time comes to replace windows, “the type of window you purchase should depend on how long you plan to live in your home,” explained Martin Pearson, a windows expert for Alexander Lumber in Cortland. “New windows are a long-term investment, one of the best investments you can make in your home. Before selecting new windows, consider the age of the home, the style of the windows, the home’s exterior siding, and the home’s interior trim.”

According to Pearson, a complete tear-out when you need to replace windows is the best option; opt for new ones. “There are other options, such as a replacement sash for double-hung windows and insert windows installed within the existing frame of the old window,” he added. “However, if the old frames weren’t insulated, the new windows may be good but cold air can still come through the old frames.”

Alexander Lumber offers many new window options for replacement. “Kolbe offers a wood window with aluminum clad exteriors in 50 colors,” said Pearson. “We also carry Weather Shield aluminum clad, Windsor, and Lindsey vinyl windows. These companies have been around for a long time and offer quality products at competitive prices. The windows we offer are made to order, making window replacement much easier. We also offer patio doors in many styles.”

Alexander Lumber welcomes both contractors and homeowners to its showrooms. For more information about replacement windows, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.