Urban residential construction is on the rise, so what are some ways to ensure that your spaces will stand out from the rest? Interior urban design trends this year are shifting towards sleeker, more customized spaces.

According to this article and this article, the top trends in interior urban design for 2016 include:

  1. Pink interior walls – designers this year are seeing through rose-colored glasses and bringing shades of pink, peach, and red into this year’s palettes. This color grouping brings warmth and richness and can be used in variety of shades and hues throughout any space.
  2. Mismatched kitchens – having a more customized look is trending across the board, and mixing multiple materials such as wood, stone, and tile to a kitchen gives it a more personalized, eclectic look that feels completely your own.
  3. Natural materials – speaking of materials, marble and wood are omnipresent in this year’s designs, as well as cork, stone, and raw concrete, which is a classic urban design staple in recent years.
  4. Urban gardens and interior greenery – Complementing the natural materials, this year saw a focus on bringing the green indoors and making more space for it outdoors, adding a soothing, lush vibe to any urban home.
  5. Spa-like bathrooms – although space is at a premium in urban housing, there is an increasing trend towards creating a relaxing space in the bathroom. Building in a bench or including a seating area gives the bathroom a luxurious, intentional feel and moves away from the typical cluttered feel associated with bathrooms.

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