What home improvement projects are you planning to tackle this summer? Will you raise a deck or replace windows? Renovate a bathroom or refinish your basement? According to a 2013 survey by Zillow, 60 percent of homeowners look to tackle home improvement projects during the summer months and most focus on outdoor spaces and bathroom remodels.

Our team has curated 10 of our favorite DIY summer building projects below to help you transform your backyard into a summer oasis:

  1. Modern Vegetable Garden. Like to eat clean? Or organic? Or healthily? This modern vegetable garden allows homeowners to grow vegetables, herbs, and small flowers in an uncommonly small space.
  2. Giant Hammock Swing. Need a place to curl up with a good book this summer? How about this. A giant hammock swing? Yes, please.
  3. World – Class Tree House. Want to work with your kids on a project they can enjoy all summer long? Help them build a world-class tree house in your backyard. Here’s a good tutorial.
  4. Stone Fire Pit. There’s nothing quite like the smell of a summer bonfire. Or cooking hotdogs over something like this. Planning on building a stone fire pit this summer? To enjoy with family and friends? Here are some tips.
  5. Adirondack Chair. These chairs are timeless. And not just for east coast folks. Want to learn how to build an adirondack chair? It’s easy and can be done in less than a day. See step-by-step instructions here.   
  6. Porch Swing. Sitting on a porch swing may be the most relaxing way to spend a cool summer night. Need help building one? Here are five options with full step-by-step directions.  
  7. Gazebo. Need some shelter from the hot summer sun? How about a gazebo? They come in all shapes and sizes to fit your backyard.
  8. Raised Garden Bed. Do you have a green thumb? Raised garden beds offer the best drainage and protection from pests. And they’re easy to build. See this tutorial.
  9. Stone Path. Stone paths are becoming increasing popular to help spruce up a backyard. Build a simple path with sand, stone, and lots of muscle in this how-to.
  10. Bocce Ball Court. Bocce anyone? Build your own bocce ball court, crack open a beverage, and win at summer. Learn how to lay the court in this step-by-step guide.

Alexander Lumber’s 323 employees can help you with any project, big or small, this summer. Including the above. Simply stop in one of our 20 locations across Wisconsin and Illinois and speak with an expert. Their knowledge and experience will help you tackle these projects just in time for the start of summer.