When homeowners tackle bathroom remodeling projects, they’re not always thinking about the trends that will make the space more beautiful or more valuable. After all, it is a utilitarian space, right? For many, the idea is that a bathroom needs to be functional and easy to clean — and bathroom remodeling trends go right out the window.

That’s where you, the remodeler, come in. Bathrooms should be more than serviceable. A beautifully updated bathroom does increase the value of the home, and it makes life more enjoyable. After all, people do spend a lot of time in their bathrooms. Give your clients something beautiful and trendy, and they will definitely thank you for it. First, however, you’ll need to know what is trending in bathrooms for 2017!

The Biggest of the Bathroom Remodeling Trends: Geometry

These days, a large part of bathroom design relies on shape. The most popular example is in tile, where you’ll quite often find hexagonal tiles or rectangular tiles of all sizes, all laid out in innovative patterns. These geometric tile designs feature on floors, but they are most prominent as backsplashes or tub and shower surrounds where they will grab the most attention.

Tiles are only one way to add shape to the bathroom. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Freestanding Bathtubs. Freestanding bathtubs add a lot of personality to the bathroom. Depending on the style of the room, one homeowner might like a sleek and curvy tub, while another prefers the look of a boxy rectangular tub.
  • Bathroom Vanities. Add shape through the vanity. Today’s vanities are generally very square and minimalist in design, which plays on the boxy look. To add some curve to the look, think about using rounded sink basins, particularly those rest on top of the countertop.
  • Color Blocking Accents. Cabinets and accent walls help you create a tidy, angular look, and they are also a great way to emphasize both shape and color through color blocking. Choose cabinets or color blocked walls in contrasting colors to take advantage of this simple modern look.

Use Natural Wood and Stone

As wood finishes improve and become more water resistant, natural wood is emerging as one of the major bathroom trends for the year. The most popular wood elements are natural cabinets followed by paneled hardwood accent walls. You’ll also find wooden tub enclosures around freestanding tubs in many high-end bathrooms and wood floors are starting to gain traction, too.

Stone is used a bit differently nowadays. Stone tile was once popular for shower surrounds and flooring, but that trend has been over for quite some time now. In 2017, stone is making a comeback in countertops and sinks. Countertops are generally granite or quartz, while sinks sometimes have the more rustic look of sandstone.


Minimalism is the Hottest Theme for 2017

When it comes to design themes, minimalism is the standard. That doesn’t sound like it fits with the bold geometry that is being used in bathrooms, but when designers talk about minimalism today, they are referring to the bathroom’s fixtures. In other words, instead of choosing a vanity that features ornate millwork, choose one that has a smooth face.

In fact, people are often getting rid of the vanity altogether in favor of sleek wall-mounted sinks and countertops. Even the medicine cabinet is disappearing, with people opting for recessed hidden cabinets or just a mirror. This means that for each element in the bathroom, you should look for ways to make it more simplistic — like recessed lighting instead of light fixtures or simple, smooth shelving above the toilet instead of cabinetry.

These are the three trends that will make your clients realize that bathrooms are more than just a useful space. Make recommendations based on these bathroom trends and homeowners will be coming back to you with all of their projects!