Save time and money on your projects by using Alexander Lumber’s estimating services.

At Alexander Lumber, we offer our customers complimentary estimating services for their framing projects. We offer free estimates on any size project, large or small, from garages to custom homes to multi-family buildings.

The estimating software we use creates a viewable 3D model of these projects, based on provided blueprints. As our estimator “builds” the model of a project, the software creates an accurate bill of materials list specific to it. The resulting quote will accurately reflect what’s needed to get the job done.

Capture 3d stcik roof – no ply
Capture 3d sgl fmly

What to Expect from Our Estimating Services

Our estimating team builds the model of your project to your particular framing methods – in effect customizing the model and materials required to your specific project needs. Once completed, the model is easily viewable; simply download a free 3D viewer to your phone or computer. The model allows you to identify what products are being used in what locations, as well as discover potential plan discrepancies. Plan revisions or changes in material selection also can be easily made prior to the start of the building process.

Our estimators possess extensive building industry field experience and understand our pro customers’ practical needs when it comes to providing accurate framing take-offs. The accuracy of the software, along with the ability for you to easily view the 3D model of your project, helps eliminate any guesswork about how much material you’ll need to complete the job. The end result for you is a savings of time and money per project.

Estimate Form

To begin using our estimating services, contact your Alexander Lumber salesperson or reach out directly to the estimating department by filling out the below form to get started. 

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