Credit Services
The difference between credit departments at other companies and at Alexander Lumber is the one-to-one direct communication. At Alexander Lumber, we believe communication is key.

Our Approach to Credit Services

Customers are not all the same, and we take the time to learn what works best for each customer. Our standard credit terms are 15th prox, which means any invoices from one month are due by the 15th of the following month. We offer our customers the option to have their invoices e-mailed once a month, once a week, or as they are processed. These options help our customers be efficient and save their valuable time.

Our credit approval process is very streamlined. The customer fills out the credit application, and we do our research and create the account within 48 hours. Once the account is set up, a welcome letter is e-mailed to the customer; in that welcome letter is all of our contact information.

We reach out to our customers directly to see if there is something we can do to help address any outstanding issues, as well as offer copies of invoices, account breakdowns, and cash application reports. Our goal is to make sure our books match the customer’s books. We are here to help our customers.

To submit your credit application, please download the application form and fill it out, then save it to your computer. Email the completed form to credit@alexlbr.com.

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