After spending several months sheltering in place, many homeowners are planning for renovations and other updates to their home. Whether you’re considering remodeling an indoor space like a kitchen or an outdoor area such a deck, or both, a new patio door is an important element that can enhance both areas and complement the updated designs. Here are 3 things to know about replacing your patio doors:

1. There is a wide variety of patio door options on the market. “When replacing patio doors, you have a lot to choose from,” explained Lisa Roberts, Marketing Manager for Alexander Lumber. “We sell quality patio doors that come in an array of colors and materials. We carry different styles, including French doors, multi-slide, lift-and-slide, and bi-fold. We have attractive options to meet our customers’ budgets and suit the style of their home.”

2. Patio doors come with a variety of glass options. You can select plain glass, decorative glass, or glass with built-in blinds or grids. Low-E glass helps lower energy bills year-round, and has a coating that helps prevent your carpeting, wood floors, and furniture from fading.

3. Patio doors come with a variety of security features. They are usually located on the ground level of a home, so security is paramount. Many patio doors have multiple locking mechanisms for the main patio door and for the screen. Dual-point and four-point locking mechanisms are available for added security.

The patio door is frequently one of the most-used doors in the home, especially in the warmer months. “I encourage homeowners to visit our beautiful showroom for design inspiration,” said Roberts. “You can pick up literature and discuss patio door options with our knowledgeable salespeople. We can recommend qualified installers if homeowners aren’t already working with a contractor.” For more information about replacing your patio doors, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.