A great way to add value to your home, and to increase its usable square footage, is remodeling your basement. Planning the project correctly, and considering all the finishing and decorating options available, will give you a beautiful space that mirrors the style and the feel of the levels above ground. Whether you’re looking to create a man cave, additional sleeping quarters for guests, or a large playroom for your children, a remodeled basement can be a terrific solution.

“A basement remodel encompasses a lot of details that some homeowners may not consider in the beginning,” explained Lisa Roberts, Marketing Manager for Alexander Lumber. “Attention to detail in the finishes, especially for the cabinetry, trim, and doors, as well as the windows if applicable, can have a huge impact on the finished project.”

Just as you would do for an above-ground home remodel, selecting the appropriate trim for baseboards and around the doors will give your basement a more polished look that makes the space feel like the rest of the home instead of an underground room. If you have crown molding or wainscoting on your main level, consider including it in your basement remodel, too. “Doors should match the ones upstairs, if possible,” added Roberts. “The cabinetry should also reflect a style similar to what you have upstairs if you’re looking to create a beautiful, cohesive flow between the levels in your home.”

Including built-in cabinetry is a way to add storage, elegance, and timelessness to a basement remodel. “We help our customers customize their new basement spaces, and our talented designers have a lot of great ideas to share,” said Roberts. “We can include built-in bookcases, a bar, storage solutions, home office space, anything our customers can dream up: We’ve even incorporated a murphy bed into a remodel. We offer a wide array of ideas and solutions for every space, style and budget.”

If your project will include a kitchen area, bedrooms, or a bathroom, Alexander Lumber can also help you select countertops, fixtures, stair railings, and other items. For more information about or building materials for remodeling your basement, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.