If you have lived in your home for a long time, or have just purchased an older home that needs updating, you may be thinking about remodeling a bathroom. A smaller bathroom can be a good project to begin with as you decide on the style you’d like to carry throughout the rest of the home. Here are 5 factors to consider when remodeling a bathroom:

1. Have a starting point. “You can begin with a picture you found online, or even just a piece of tile or a specific type of cabinetry you want to incorporate,” explained Lauren Kochanski, Interior Design Specialist for Alexander Lumber. “The more pieces of the puzzle you put together beforehand, the easier your project will be.”

2. Develop a budget. “With everything involved in a bathroom remodel, especially for larger master bathrooms, the costs can add up quickly,” added Kochanski. “I recommend that homeowners do some advance research so they get an idea of material costs before making specific selections.”

3. Shop around before selecting a countertop. According to Kochanski, if the countertop you want is pretty straightforward or comes in standard sizes, there are great cost-saving options. Homeowners looking for a specific material may be able to find it as a stone remnant to help keep the cost down.

4. Pay special attention to plumbing fixtures. “Homeowners often don’t realize the price range of plumbing fixtures,” said Kochanski. “It can be beneficial to order plumbing fixtures through a plumbing supply store; they often offer higher quality products.”

5. Choose a trusted installer with references. “Make sure you trust your installer, and have him or her quote labor costs in advance,” said Kochanski. “Your installer can also help guide you in the right direction for selecting fixtures and other aspects of your design.”

For more information about remodeling a bathroom, whether for design services, building materials, or to help choose an installer, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.