Components - Alexander Lumber

Alexander Lumber also operates two facilities for the design and manufacture of roof trusses and wall panels, as well as a countertop company founded in 2008.

Manufactured trusses are the modern way to assure a structurally sound roof, engineered to withstand the weather and support the weight of any chosen roof covering. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce trusses for any building need. Won’t you contact us for more information? 

Cortland Components is located at 164 S. Loves Road in Cortland. Mike Henningson is general manager, and will be happy to serve all your roof truss and wall panel needs. We’re adding the Blade Runner system to our truss plant, and know that such state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to serve you better in the future.

LeRoy Truss is at 76 Demma Drive in LeRoy, Ill. General Manager Tim Margherio stands ready to assist you with truss design, trusses and wall panels.