Members of the Alexander Lumber sales team gathered in early March to discuss the value and the significance of 125 years as a building materials supplier throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

125 years of building buildings and businesses.
125 years of building institutes and enterprises.
125 years of building companies and corporations.
125 years of building houses and homes.
125 years of building employees who have become leaders within their towns and cities.

125 years of building communities.

How did we make it to 125 years?

How did we get through the Great Depression?
How did we withstand two World Wars?
How did we rise above more than 25 recessions and depressions since 1891?

How did we survive?

Here’s how:

Commitment to Quality – Our team has committed to high quality lumber & building products, high quality partners, and high quality people for 125 years. This is achieved through passion and pride, education and innovation, and it ensures excellence in our building materials products and service.

Belief in People – Alexander Lumber is a family-owned company that deeply admires and appreciates its people. Employees are respected and highly valued, often seen as being more important than profitability.

Connection with Others – Our team has worked with generations of builders, with parents and grandparents and great grandparents. The trust our company has built between our company and our customers manifests itself through mutual respect and reliance, and our ongoing commitment to connecting with our community ensures these relationships will endure.

125 years as a building materials supplier is a remarkable milestone.

Because of our employees.
Because of our partners.
Because of our customers.

Because of you.

Here’s to another 125.

Celebrate our 125th anniversary at a location near you, as we host community events to commemorate this historical milestone! Check out the video below too to learn more about what 125 years means to us.