For centuries, humans have chosen lumber as their primary choice for building material supplies. Whether you need large amounts of wood for decking, fencing, or siding, you may need to find a reputable lumber supplier. It can be frustrating to fork out large amounts of cash to end up with inferior quality wood.

It is crucial to get it right the first time. What do you look for when choosing the lumber yard? If you are sifting through hundreds of lumber suppliers in Illinois, here are five vital factors that you may need to keep in mind.

1. Focus on Lumber Quality

The first step is to find a lumber yard that offers high-quality wood. Timber products are graded according to the respective industry standards. You need to ensure that the cutting units and grades that work for you. Ask about the supplier’s harvesting and inspection processes. If the vendor is in your locality, drop by the lumber yard and inspect the wood products yourself.

2. Inquire About the Source of the Lumber for Sale

A finished product is only as good as the raw materials used. Ask about the growing area from where the lumber is sourced. Growing sectors have different wood quality, which may affect your final wood products. Additionally, find out if the lumber yard stocks directly or utilizes intermediaries. Go-betweens within the lumber sale may increase the final price of your wood purchase.

3. Ask About Their Experience

How long has the supplier been in business? A lumber yard that has been around for a longer period has established connections with distributors and mills. The seasoned supplier may be better placed to source the quality of wood that you prefer. Before placing your large order, take time to research the firm.

4. Consider Your Product Selection

You may need to figure out the type of lumber that you prefer for your project. From engineered wood to softwoods and hardwoods, you may need to determine whether the lumber yard stocks what you need. It would be best to work with a lumber supplier with a large inventory, granting you flexibility during the selection process. It also gives you confidence that the vendor can fulfill both small and large orders without delay.

5. Determine the Supplier’s Reliability

You may need to find a reliable and trustworthy lumber yard to supply your business with all the wood required for your projects. You should have an assurance that you will receive your lumber shipment in time and without any defects.

The easiest way to determine their trustworthiness is by checking with their past clients. Ask the supplier to provide you with a list of present or past customer’s testimonials. You may also decide to check out their reputation from online review sites. What is their Better Business Bureau rating? What do past clients say about the quality of their services on Google and Yelp?

Finding a lumber yard to supply your business with quality wood products does not have to be stressful and overwhelming. Ticking the boxes using the above tips can direct you to the right supplier. Alexander Lumber offers an extensive selection of quality lumber, panels, and wood items to meet your project needs. Contact us to place your order today.