If your home needs updating, consider enhancing and increasing its curb appeal through an exterior remodeling project. Customizing the exterior doors and artfully applying siding can substantially update and improve a home’s appearance.

In addition to vinyl siding, “two very popular exterior treatments are fiber cement lap siding and stone veneers,” explained Lisa Roberts, Marketing Manager for Alexander Lumber. “This type of lap siding comes in a variety of sizes, textures, and colors; it resembles wood, but requires a lot less maintenance.”

Stone siding applications are much easier to install than traditional masonry stone; their installation takes far less time. “Stone siding can be applied to select areas of a home’s exterior,” added Roberts. “You don’t have to cover the entire façade of a house to create a great visual impact.” Alexander Lumber offers stone siding that is mortarless and can be easily installed by a siding contractor or carpenter using only screws or nails. The natural looks of carved stone block, thinner stacked and staggered stone, or a tighter cut and more random pattern allow homeowners to easily apply these sophisticated exterior finishes in unexpected places.

“Stone offers a nice visual balance to other siding options,” said Roberts. “We also offer shake siding alternatives in polymer or vinyl for a no-maintenance cedar shake appearance. As with stone and lap siding, while you can side an entire house with them, these shakes can also be used judiciously to create detailed interest on exterior walls to balance the home’s overall design.”

When updating your home’s exterior, one way to manage your budget is to invest in higher quality siding materials for the front façade, and then using vinyl siding for the rest of the house. Alternatively, adding high-end details only in certain areas, such as applying stone veneers around the base perimeter of the home or tucking a layer of shakes in all the gables, can also upgrade your curb appeal.

Another great way to improve your home’s appearance is to update your front door and other exterior doors. Consider switching out your exterior doors to entries that include glass panes, architectural details, or special paneling to match your vision of a grand entrance for your home. Doors can be contemporary, vintage, traditional, or otherwise customized to meet your needs.

For more information about materials for an exterior remodeling project, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.