One way to increase the living space in your home is to convert an unused attic into a functional living space. Attics can be converted into an additional bedroom, a playroom, an office, or a lounge area. Not only will you enjoy the extra space while you live in the home, you’re likely to get more money for your house when you decide to sell. Here are 5 things to know about creating a functional attic living space:

1. Make sure the attic meets building codes. Have a building inspector check your attic; you’ll receive a list of codes that need to be met. The ceiling must be a certain height, and you’ll need proper egress to exit the space (you need two ways out for a bedroom). The floor joists have to be able to support the weight of the renovated space, which will increase with additional drywall, plumbing, lighting, and furniture.

2. Consider how you’ll incorporate natural light. Dormers can be an expensive addition, but skylights are easy to install and look nice on a slanted ceiling.

3. Insulation is necessary. To help regulate the temperature during the coldest and hottest months, opt for spray foam insulation. It forms a tight air barrier in tiny crevices and helps reduce energy costs. Rodents and insects can’t eat through it, and it takes up less space than fiberglass insulation. Consider having an HVAC professional create a new zone for the space so it has its own thermostat.

4. Soundproof the space. Just walking on the attic flooring can be very loud in the room below without proper soundproofing measures. Also use quality subflooring to prevent or minimize creaky floors.

5. Think of creative storage solutions. Make use of awkward angles and nooks that run along chimneys and other structures. Consider installing open shelving or cabinetry, as well as recessed cubbies and drawers.

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