3 Deck Enclosure Options for Your Midwest Home

There is only one problem with a deck is if you live in a climate like the Midwest, it gets too cold over the winter to enjoy your deck. That’s why you need a deck enclosure! There are a variety of different options, like converting your deck into a screened porch or a sunroom, that will extend the amount of time you can enjoy your deck during the year. Let’s take a look at three of the top options to enclose your deck!

Option 1: The Screened-In Deck Enclosure

A screened in porch, like this one featured by Marvin Windows, is the beautiful yet budget-friendly option to get more use out of your deck. This type of deck-enclosure will run about $500 to $700 for basic materials like screened windows or up to

marvin screened in porch$1,000 for the materials to create an upscale screened-in porch, according to ImproveNet. Once you’ve factored labor to complete the job, you’ll likely spend about $1,200 — a bit more if you are using upscale materials.

For the cost, you’ll find that your deck is much more versatile. It might still be a bit too cold in the winter, but in the spring, summer and fall months, the new roof will keep the rain off of you and your comfy furniture. Plus, it will keep the deck nice and shady. During mosquito season, the screens will help you enjoy the great outdoors without all the bugs!

Option 2: The Sunroom

A sunroom is the mid-range option. A basic sunroom project is pretty similar to a screened-in deck, except you’ll have glass windows instead of screens only. According to The Nest, you can factor right around $500 per window — more or less depending on the windows you choose — to build a sunroom plus the amount that you would have spent converting your deck into a screened porch. You’ll definitely also want to invest in screens for your new windows so that you can open up your sunroom when the weather is nice. Manufacturers like Marvin offer options for both screens only and glass windows with built-in screens.

Sunrooms allow you to use the space even when the weather gets chilly. These rooms are typically unheated but with sunlight streaming through the windows, your sunroom will be much warmer in the cooler months than an unheated screened porch.


Option 3: The Four Seasons Room

Four seasons rooms are the deluxe option and for a reason. Convert your deck into a four-season room and you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round, rain or shine, hot or cold. However, you can expect to pay $360 per square foot on average. Homeowners report spending a total of $72,000 on average for a four-season room.

Why the extra cost? A four-season room is technically a deck enclosure but it functions like an addition to the home. This means that you’ll need to add extra structural support to the deck and you’ll also want to extend ducts or install a heating and cooling system. Additionally, you’ll have added costs in finishing — not just nice windows but also drywall, flooring, light fixtures and more. You may even opt for extras like plumbing or additional electrical outlets.

Which choice is right for you? You’ll need to decide based on the way that you would like to use your deck enclosure. If you could use an extra room for relaxing or entertaining year-round, then splurge on the four-seasons room. However, homeowners that simply want to enjoy their decks over the summer without worrying about rain and mosquitoes may be best off with a screened-in deck. Make a list of your needs to choose the best option!

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