2016 is shaping up once again to be the year of the bathroom remodel, continuing the trend of the last two years. According to Home Advisor, homeowners submitted 64% more requests for bathroom remodeling from November 2014 to November 2015 than they submitted the previous year, and that number continues to increase. Perhaps it’s not surprising, considering bathroom remodels are one of the top remodeling projects for recouping costs in home value added.

Even more great news for remodelers? The majority of those homeowners are hiring builders to ensure that the work is done well.

According to this study, only about 21% of homeowners completed their own master bath remodel in 2015, and only 33% completed their own full bath remodel. That means there are definitely homeowners out there who are hoping to benefit from your expertise.   

7 Hot Bathroom Remodeling Trends

  1. Double sinks –  Increasingly, homeowners are choosing bathroom remodels that include separate sinks, in fact, 61% of Master Bath Upgrades in the midwest in 2015 involved double sinks.
  2. Let there be light! – Recessed and sconce lighting are both on-trend right now – According to this study, 61% of master bath remodels and 44% of full bath remodels included recessed lighting. 60% of master bath remodels and 61% of full bath remodels involved sconce lighting. *One additional note about lighting trends is that 11% of millennials completing a bathroom remodel chose romantic lighting in the master bath (as compared to just 5% of baby boomers). For more information on millennials’ preferred home design trends check out our recent blog.
  3. Rain, Rain, Come and Stay –  Showers are king of this year’s bathroom remodel trends, including a swing towards adding a shower seat or grab bar for the baby boomers looking to make showers more accessible in the future. Also, 48% of master bathroom remodels featured a rain showerhead, adding some luxury to this year’s trend list.
  4. Customization Nation –  Customization as a larger overarching home design trend has definitely made its way to the bathroom. From mixing materials to customizable toilets, this trend is hot right now.
  5. Tech trends –  Smart home technology integration has been huge across the board in housing trends (another thing we noted in our piece about millennials’ preferences in home design), and the bathroom is no exception. Technology in the bathroom, such as shower speakers or touchless faucets are definitely coming to the forefront this year.
  6. Au Naturale – According to this list from this year’s Kitchen and Bath Show wood will be a popular choice for walls, accents, and hardware this year, continuing the broader trend to include natural materials throughout home design that we mentioned in our blog a few weeks ago.
  7. Classic White – Classic white subway tile is never truly out of style, and this year it is seeing a resurgenceOne trendy way to include classic white is to pair white tile with dark grouts like grey or black.


Why You Should Care about Bathroom Remodeling Trends 

Remodeling according to current and upcoming trends helps ensure that your homeowners will be able to recoup some of the costs of the renovation should they ever decide to sell. According to Trulia, master bathrooms are one of two rooms that truly sell a house – so having a great bath is important!

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