Most people don’t think of fall as the right time to start building, but for pole barn construction, autumn is the ideal season. Wondering why? Here are the top 5 reasons.

1. The Weather is Perfect for Pole Barn Construction

Every other season is fraught with difficulties when it comes to pole barn construction. Spring is rainy, summer can be oppressively hot and humid and in the winter, the ground is frozen. Autumn is the best time for you or a construction crew to be working outside, and there is less chance that your progress will be impeded by snow, spring rainstorms or frozen ground.

2. Fall is Perfect for Painting

Latex paints require temperatures between 50 and 85 degrees F, and oil based paints can handle temperatures between 40 and 90 degrees. If it’s too hot outside, then the paint dries too quickly. You’ll end up with brush strokes in the paint, and the paint tends to clump in brushes, rollers and sprayers. Painting when it is too cold will give you a different set of problems. The paint won’t dry as fast, which means that there is more time for dust and debris to adhere to it, and the finish may crack or peel. You’ll also want to paint when it isn’t as humid outside so that the paint dries faster and with fewer flaws. For these reasons alone, it is worth it to build your pole barn and get it painted in the fall.

3. You’ll Be Ready for Winter

Perhaps you need a spot to store all of your summer toys safely away? Or maybe you need a place to keep the snow blower and snow plow. For farmers, it is imperative that there is plenty of room for livestock or hay storage over the winter. No matter what needs you have, build a pole barn in the autumn, and you’ll be ready for winter!

4. Off Season Construction is Often Cheaper

Pole barn construction is often much less expensive in the fall, and there are a couple of different reasons for that. For one, contractors often charge a little less because they are looking to book projects going into winter. Secondly, suppliers may also offer a few discounts to move some of the stock that they’d rather not keep over the winter. It is always worth it to check with places like Alexander Lumber’s Le Roy Truss location or their Cortland Components location to see what deals they may be offering.

5. You’ll Have All Summer to Plan Your Pole Barn

It might be too hot and humid to go outside and get started on your pole barn now, so why not spend the summer or early fall planning instead? There will be plenty to think about, including the size of the barn, location, layout, paint colors, and more.

Today, one of the biggest challenges is choosing a siding material because there are now so many to choose from. You could go with traditional wood or metal siding, or you could try some of the new and innovative siding materials like LP SmartSide Panels or James Hardie Panels. Spend now exploring your options so that you’re ready to build when the time is right!

The pretty leaves aren’t the only reason to get excited for autumn! As you can see, it is also a great time for pole barn construction.