The Midwest is waking this month.

Which means homeowners across Illinois and Wisconsin are embracing sunnier skies to begin various house projects. Both in and outside the home.

One of the most common springtime projects? Decks. These outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular over the last several years, as individuals and families seek to withdraw from their hectic and harried lives.

Here are some of the most popular deck trends in 2016:

  • Larger Decks – According to The House Designers, increasing deck square footage is one of the most popular deck trends in 2016. Folks building larger homes are designing multi-level decks with a numerous amenities including kitchens, fireplaces, and furnished living rooms and spas. These larger decks often include pergolas or walls to add privacy, as well as built-ins for extra seating, storage, or planters.
  • Composite over Pressure Treated – According to Lance McCarthy, with Spaces for Life, pressure treated wood is no longer a suitable solution for individuals and families looking to build long-lasting, quality decks. Pressure treated wood is out. Composite wood is in. This includes products like Trex. Trex lasts longer and doesn’t splinter. Even better? Elevations from Trex. No more wood rot or termite damage.  
  • Green Decking Materials – The demand for sustainable materials, including affordable green decking materials, has led to incredible growth within this particular industry. One solution? Trex. It lasts longer and doesn’t splinter, as mentioned above, but it’s also one of the most popular and sustainable decking materials.
  • Outdoor Rooms – The trend used to be to “bring the outdoors in.” Now it’s to “bring the indoors out.” This is a growing movement among homeowners. Folks are looking to infuse their outdoor living spaces with the comforts of the indoors. This includes cooktop surfaces, cabinets, countertops, dining spaces, built-in lounges, and more.
  • Year-Round Use – It may be a little hard to do in the Midwest (our lawns were covered in snow not too long ago), but homeowners throughout the nation are also looking to use their decks and patios more frequently throughout the year. Not just during the summer months. This means a lot of individuals and families are adding heating and cooling units to their decks. It also means a lot of covered patios.

What house projects are you beginning this spring? Both in and outside of your home? And how can we help? Alexander Lumber has locations throughout the Midwest and has been assisting builders, remodelers and DIY homeowners for 125 years. Our team is eager to assist with any project. Big or small. Connect with us!