Deck railing isn’t just about safety. The rail system you choose will add its own personality to your deck. Think of it like you would for moldings inside your home. A room without trim looks unfinished but with trim, the room takes on a variety of looks, from old-fashioned to modern, depending on the molding style you’ve chosen. A deck railing system, aesthetically speaking, works the same way. If you need some inspiration, here are five ideas to get you started!

1. Traditional Deck Railing Design with a Twist

Maybe you want something traditional and something that stands out from the neighbors’ decks! There are a couple of ways to keep things traditional but also unique. For example, you can dress your deck railing design up by adding fancy post caps to the rail posts. Or, choose a deck railing system that comes with something other than the typical square balusters, perhaps scrolled balusters or some other design. This way, you can have the best of both worlds — the traditional, vertical look but with its own unique flavor.


2. Sunburst Designs

This railing style features a complex design with spokes radiating out from the center of each section of the railing. Railings in this style are a bit harder to see through, which is perfect if you’re looking for privacy over the view. Best of all, sunburst railings look sophisticated, perfect for a home that features an elegant modern design.

3. Try a Geometric Deck Railing System

You are not limited to vertical or horizontal designs. Railing materials can be shaped in hundreds of ways, which means that you can create a geometric design perfectly suited to the style of your home. For instance, if your home has a Greek Revival look or ornate Roman columns on the porch, then perhaps you need a Greek key designin your deck rail. Fishbone patterns are popular and if you have an Oriental garden, then you need a deck rail that is inspired by Asian architecture or Japanese shoji screen doors.


4. Wrought Iron Deck Railing

Metal deck railing systems are popular right now, particularly cable rails, but the wrought iron look is catching on, too. Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can use this look in a number of different ways. Simple vertical metal balusters in either square, octagonal or twisted designs give you the traditional wrought iron look without being too flashy. Update the look by choosing curvy metal balusters or get the antique look by using Victorian-inspired wrought iron railings.

5. Enjoy the View with a Glass Deck Rail

Glass deck rails these days are generally minimal, although you can opt for fancy stained glass if you want something more complex. The average glass railing, however, uses metal top and bottom rails so that shatter-resistant tempered glass panes slot in at the top and bottom of the rail. This is a simple rail design that truly gives you an almost completely uninterrupted view of your backyard.

Which deck railing design will you choose? With all the options out there, you don’t have to stick with plain vertical balusters. There are plenty of wonderful options that will meet your deck budget and complement your home!