Working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has created a need for people to have a dedicated office setup that offers privacy, a quiet area, and a proper work space. If you’re considering converting a room in your home into a home office, here are 3 steps to follow:

1. Select a proper space. “The location and design plan for your home office will be determined by your business purpose and functional requirements,” explained Don Manning, Cabinet Designer for Alexander Lumber. “It’s important to consider your work surface needs, materials storage, accessibility, and overall design environment. At Alexander Lumber, we offer functional and creative cabinetry solutions for every room in the home, including the home office. We focus on the principles of design and function working as one.” A basic home office requires 40-70 square feet, and a complete home office would need 150 square feet or more. First floor dens, spare bedrooms, and converted basement spaces make wonderful home offices. A converted living room space works well for client meetings, typically offering convenient entry access and, with interior doors installed, privacy and sound control.

2. Determine specific needs. “Home offices typically require work surfaces, open bookcases or wall cabinets, wall space for a large monitor or smart TV, and base storage cabinets,” added Manning. “We offer cabinetry systems with modular options that provide convenient access to frequently used items, plus pull-out shelves for CPUs, printers, modems, and routers.” Alexander Lumber offers wall-to-wall installation, wainscoting, floating shelving, and crown moldings for customization, along with popular wood stain and painted finishes to meet customers’ design preferences.

3. Consider technology requirements. “Video conferencing is necessary for both business and personal needs,” said Manning. “Plan adequate wall and desktop space for your monitor, web cam, keyboard, and mouse. Save valuable desktop space by locating modems and WiFi components in base cabinetry.”

For more information about creating a beautiful and functional home office, please contact your nearest Alexander Lumber location.